Maison Contour

Maison Contour was founded by Catherine Contour in 2008, as a tailor-made artisanal art workshop, a nomadic creative form based on temporary occupation of partner locations, a space for encounters and sharing and an ever-changing website.

The Maison (House) as a home for work on a human scale.

A place of invitations, temporary and multifaceted gatherings where sustainable collaboration forms and one-off encounters are conceived. A simple and modular structure tailored to an ever-evolving approach involving research and exploration. Catherine Contour chose this work method as it is more suited to her reality and needs than a traditional company (hierarchical organization operating as a business model which dominated contemporary dance set-ups in France in the 1980s). This « structural fragility » has transformed over time into a « force » through the freedom it offers the creative process.

The Maison (House) in the spirit of an artistic signature

Encounters give birth to the desire for a creative form resulting from the experience of inhabiting a space.
The quality of « made by hand » combined with the Maison Contour signature. The approach of a craftsman resisting « mass distribution ». Each piece, each object is tailor-made over time until a discreet preciousness is achieved. It takes time to produce creative work adapted to the specific context in close dialogue with the places and their inhabitants-users, time to infuse and transform. The number of participants is limited to encourage a close relationship and pay particular attention to ways of “addressing” an audience.

Association 40Neuf (Grenoble)

The 40Neuf association was founded in 2016 in Grenoble, France and aims to « broaden the field of dance and share its know-how through creation, research and transmission ». It succeeds the KOB association created in 1996 to support and accompany Catherine Contour’s approach in these various fields.

Adhérer pour soutenir l’association 40Neuf

L’adhésion est valable un an de date à date.

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Avec les adhésions + et ++ vous recevrez les deux Cartes de positions artistiques réalisées avec Lisa Sturacci, designer graphique en 2019.

Règlement par chèque à l’adresse :
Association 40Neuf
16 bis rue de Strasbourg
38000 Grenoble

Si vous ne pouvez envoyer votre règlement par chèque, merci de le préciser ci-dessous et nous reviendrons vers vous.